Coyote Tales is a business geared toward sharing stories through objects and handcrafted creations. We believe that where we go, who we meet and what we find along the way inspires us to connect with a growing community.  Sharing experiences and stories through the objects used in creating our art/jewelry puts forth a powerful intention to maintain meaningful relations everywhere that we go.


The ‘US’ or ‘WE’ is my dog Saydi and i. She is my best friend, soul companion and constant source of inspiration. I make and design all the jewelry, collect all the bits and pieces and move them all about. Saydi is a guiding force in my life and through her eyes i see what direction we will go.

What now?

So, for the last 8 years we have been traveling together doing shows and exploring the world. Now is the time to slow down, take a deep breath and rest. (while continuing to work really hard) It seems to be a time to gather all the resources we have and build something more stable. As we  project our visions, excitement grows potential, through taking action with passion new projects unfold.  We have  chosen to settle on  a magical piece of land with an old farmhouse, great big barn, many acres of expansive fields, and diverse forest containing movement through various water systems ,in the region known as Bancroft.  The mineral capital of Canada.

Now what?

It is here that we will build a solid workshop that doesn’t have to be packed up and moved every week to three months. It is here where we will  continue to cultivate an understanding and deep connection with earth through the cyclical nature of life’s events. It is here where we will welcome growth and invite change to expand our awareness and perceptions of this world.


It is my desire that we will continue to create a space where our dreams can manifest and imaginations run like the wind across fields of hope and through doors between trees.

This website is an experiment in reaching out. Our business is to live happy  full filling lives, to inspire, create and share.

The intention is to make this cyber space into a place where we show you what we love to do!~ Maybe you are in need of a service, a particular stone or grouping of stones, custom made object/jewelry or would like to participate in the future  by co creating on this land as it develops through the arts in  some form.


We welcome ideas, comments and feedback!~


Thank you for taking the time to come here and pARTicipate!~